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Li Ion 14500 Battery
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Product: Views:136Li Ion 14500 Battery 
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Last updated: 2018-12-02 09:41

Aucopo Central Laboratory charter is to independently develop advanced analytical techniques pertaining to Li ion 14500 Battery, including the rapid evaluation of materials and prototype cell design methodology, a systematic methodology in cell failure mechanism, the enhancement of battery performance and long-term life prediction, and the assessment of battery abuse. 

1.Product Introduction

2.Basic Specification 

3.Product Feature And Application 

4.Product Details 

Battery Cell Dimension:

Cell printing 

Note: All batteries are printed as per the above, except that the customers have special requirements for the printing content. 

5.Quality Control

6.Delivery, Shipping And Service


(1) How important is weight?

As portable electronics continue to evolve, the weight of devices continues to shrink. In many applications, the battery or battery pack is the heaviest component in a portable electronic device.

In general, carbon-based batteries are lighter than alkaline batteries, but provide lesser performance.

Lithium battery cells are lighter than other primary chemistries. For example, a AAA alkaline battery weighs roughly 12 grams, while a AAA lithium battery weighs only 8 grams. Additionally, lithium cells generally provide superior shelf life and performance

Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries are far lighter than other rechargeable batteries of the same size, and have helped improve the portability of many electronic devices

(2) What is the Load of the battery?

A load defines the current that is drawn from the battery. Internal battery resistance and depleting state-of-charge (SoC) cause the voltage to drop under load, triggering end of discharge. Power relates to current delivery measured in watts (W); energy is the physical work over time measured in watt-hours (Wh).

(3) How does Aucopo recommend batteries be stored for a long period of time? 

For extended storage (over 21 - 30 days), these guidelines can better preserve the life of your battery:
If it's a new battery, store it in its box until you need it. Otherwise, charge or discharge the battery to 40 - 60% capacity using your Windows operating system power meter, then remove it from your system.

Store in a standard office environment, away from extreme temperatures.

If possible, don't buy batteries until you need them.

(4) Where is your Repair Centre?

In case of replacement or repair is needed, feel free to visit our repair centre:

Addr: Hi-tech Industry Zone,Nanjing,Zhangzhou City,Fujian Province, China.   

Opening hours: Monday - Friday (9:30 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:30)

(5) How Does the Powersports Battery Warranty Work?

Batteries less than 30 days old will be replaced at no charge. For batteries over 30 days, the customer must pay for the shipping of the new replacement battery (typically $13.00 - $18.00). We will always work with the customer to avoid shipping charges whenever possible, which may require simple testing to be conducted by the customer at their location. The following test may be required in order to proceed with any warranty claims.  

(6) Can I Use a Battery Tender on my Aucopo Battery?

While your typical Battery Tender charger is compatible with these LiFeP04 batteries,  Aucopo says you should use a Battery Tender "only if you really need to". The reality is,  Aucopo's powersports batteries have a much slower self-discharge rate than lead acid batteries. After the period of inactivity, it's okay to use the Battery Tender to charge them back to full capacity. Charge until the green light indicates "full", then take it off.